2017 Seekins Precision Purgatory Flats Hard as Hell MultiGun


Match starts: December 01, 2017 @ 3:00 PM · Match ends: December 03, 2017 @ 11:00 PM

Location: SUPS, Hurricane UT

We call our match the Hard as Hell MultiGun because we aren’t afraid to challenge our competitors to the limits of physical endurance and shooting skills.

Previous HaH stages have required shooters to clear a WWI-esque trench complex using their shotgun, THEN engage multiple pistol targets from 15-70 yards, THEN climb up an earthen “berm” (using a rope for support), THEN unsling a rifle and engage rifle targets from 50-620 yards.

Other stages have incorporated rock climbing walls, weighted armor-plate carriers, LE Breaching Shotguns and Flashbang Grenades.

We also offer a “Trooper” division for competitors who take the Hard as Hell concept one step further. Troopers have to carry all their gear for the day in ½ mile, can’t resupply from any vehicles or borrow gear from a buddy, and at the end of the day get to hump all their gear back out ½ mile from the range.

Of course, just because the match is hard doesn’t mean we don’t want our competitors to have fun. In fact, “fun” is the entire point of the HaH. Our staff is always friendly and helpful, and if a competitor is legitimately unable to complete a challenge we will find an equitable way for them to bypass it.

The only thing keeping a shooter from the top ten percent award is how hard you are willing to push yourself.

Due to popularity of the match, we are having people pay to register. This avoids issues with people holding valuable spots until too late to fill them.

If you wish to be staff contact the MD Brian Nelson ([email protected]) for registration without payment. He will approve you as staff and send you the staff registration link.

You can also shoot in the early schedule (what we call the staff match), at 1/2 price if you want to do that. Truly Hard as Hell shooters will do this with one division then run the main match as Trooper. This year we will be running Trooper squads in both schedules.

The refund policy is simple. If you face an emergency or medical issue, we don't kick you when you are down - full refund no questions asked. If you can't make it and we can fill your spot, full refund.

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General match, with the following divisions:
Open, Limited, Tac Optics, Trooper



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Registration has closed, but sign up to be on the waiting list!
You will get a cool TruSpec combat shirt before the match. And you will get a patch to put on it when you finish. In addition, classic HaH shirts will be available for sale, but only to competitors.
We give priority to those who shot HaH first, before it got famous. (-: Don't worry, you will get in. This mainly helps squadding preferences.
Tells us about you. What do we need to know for you to have fun at this match? And what do you fear? We may be able to use that information. Don't put squad requests here, the match is self-squadded.

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