2017 Potomac Grail BUG-CCP-SSP-SPD Carry Optic Tier-2 IDPA Match and Self-Defense Expo


Match starts: October 07, 2017 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: October 08, 2017 @ 7:00 PM

Location: Thurmont, MD

NOTICE" ONLY Sunday shooting slots remain!. Please come Sunday.The Thurmont IDPA Club announces the 2017 Potomac Grail IDPA Sanctioned Match and Self-Defense Expo, October 7-8, at Thurmont Conservation and Sportsmen's Center, Thurmont, MD.
- Featuring self-defense expo with on-site demonstrations by: Krav Maga Maryland, MACE, John Murphy, and more.
- Offering BUG, CCP, SSP and SPD-CO (Carry Optics) Divisions.
- 12 self-defense related stages
- Limited number of prizes drawn at random
- $65 Fee before Sept 10, $75 after Sept 10
- Shirts, food, beverages and other items for purchase at the match.
- This is the FIRST IDPA Sanctioned Match offering a Carry Optic Division.
- Cody Claxton, Match Director, Pete Ott, Assistant Match Director.

Match Schedule:
Friday, October 6: Setup
Saturday October 7: Check-In 8AM, Staff Match 9AM-1PM, next relay 1:30PM-5:30PM.
Sunday October 8: Check-In 9AM, Match 10AM-3PM, SUNDAY AFTERNOON SQUADS CANCELLED:.
Each relay allows all shooters to shoot all stages in 4-5 hours.
Six, 6-member squads will shoot each 4 hour slot.
Total capacity is 198 shooters divided into 4 relays.
We will have gun inspections.
150 rounds estimated

- Any IDPA-Legal Semi-Automatic pistol may be used in the Carry Optics Division.
- Slide-mounted optics are the only allowed type of red dot optic allowed.
- No magnified optics are allowed, only red dot optics.
- The Carry Optic may not exceed 1.4 inches above the slide.
- The gun with optic does not need to fit the box. But the gun without optic must be able to fit the box.
- In order to support the spirit of a BUG/CCP match, all SPD-CO and SSP guns will be loaded to 8+1 except for BUG, which will follow BUG rules.
- Per IDPA Rule your highest IDPA classification will be used.
- No match bumps will be given as this is not yet a Division that supports full classifications.
- Division Awards will be given.
- All other IDPA equipment rules apply.
- 38 Super, 9x21mm, 10mm, 40Cal, 45ACP, 9mm, 380ACP, 38 Special and 357Sig are allowed

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IDPA level II match, with the following divisions:
BUG, CCP, SPD-Carry Optics, SSP



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